Wall & Mosaic Tile


Basketweave Series

Calcutta Gold 3” x 12

Calcutta Gold 3” x 12” Tile

Calcutta Gold Picket Mosaic Tile

Calcutta Gold Picket Mosaic Tile


Diamond Herringbone Mosaic

French Clay Wall Tile

Hexagon Series

K-Series Glass Subway

Lantern Mosaic

Website Magnolia

Magnolia Blanco Wall Tile

Octagon Series

Porcelain Mosaics – Elongated Hex

Porcelain Penny Rounds

Porcelain Mos. – Brick

Porcelain Mos. – Modular

Porcelain Mos – Modular

Porcelain Mosaics – Hex

Presidential 2” Hex

Presidential 2” Hex


Ravello Series


Seville Series

Statuario Diamond Mosaic

Statuario Diamond Mosaic Tile

GTS Statuario RGAL 0525

Statuario Picket Mosaic Tile

Statuario Subway 3” x 12” Tile

Statuario Subway 3” x 12” Tile

Stone Brick Series

Subway Tiles

Vintage Series

Winter Series-Wall Only

White Ice Bright

4″ Hexagon Series

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Porcelain Tile

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Natural Stone

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New Arrival

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