Discontinued Tile

What is CST’s discontinued tile?

Once the manufacturer ends production of a tile CST will sell what inventory is left at a greatly reduced price. However once inventory of a particular tile is depleted there will be no more inventory of that product.

If you are interested in a tile listed please call us at CST for a sample and to verify current inventory levels at 913.681.6629

Citywalk Tan

Citywalk Tan 12x24Currently 919 / SF in Stock
Citywalk Tan 20x20 Currently 904 / SF in Stock
Citywalk Tan 3x12 Bullnose (AMBN) 76 / EA

Paradise Silk

Paradise Silk 20x20Currently 1690 / SF in Stock
Paradise Silk 3x12 BN - AMBNCurrently 48 / EA in Stock
Paradise Silk 3x13 BNCurrently 36 / EA in Stock

Regal Quartz

Regal Quartz 12x12 Rectified (F-67) Currently 955 / SF in Stock
Regal Quartz 20x20 (F-68)Currently 283 / SF in Stock
Regal Quartz 3x12 Bullnose (AMBN) Currently 154 / EA in Stock

Valley Desert

Valley Desert 18x18Currently 1248 / SF in Stock
Valley Desert 3x18 BN Currently 123 / EA in Stock

Citywalk Steel

Citywalk Steel 20x20 (F-60) Currently 1305 / SF in Stock

Khadi Oil

Khadi Oil 20x20 Currently 2353 / SF in stock
Khadi Oil 6.5x20Currently 1000 / SF in stock
Khadi Oil Bullnose,3x13Currently 100 / EA in stock

Headline Tribune

Headline Tribune 18x18Currently 428 / SF in Stock
Headline Tribune 3x6

Currently 357 / SF in Stock

Headline Herald

Headline Herald 12x12

Currently 759 / SF in Stock
Headline Herald 18x18

Currently 608 / SF in Stock